• 2022
  • Wall paint
  • Collab
  • Mural´╗┐


A mural I designed and painted for Blindwalls Gallery. Me and six other starting mural artists were asked to paint a big mural that fit with the theme of the environment and especially around how we treat and use our garbage. This made me think about the circle of life, and how lots of micro-organisms around us make sure lots of our natural (and also unnatural) waste is disposed of. I have illustrated some insects and small creatures before, and it's a theme I think is very interesting! So, for this mural project I wanted to make an big alter dedicated to them, so this is why I painted a big altar featuring worms, bugs & some of our waste. This to give those creatures a beautiful spotlight. I would love to paint more murals, it was a lot of rewarding work, even though this one was only temporary.

Blindwalls Gallery Mural Wall painting of an insect alter - Ellis Tolsma

Ellis Tolsma

Illustrator & animator

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