Hi! My name is Ellis Tolsma

Hi, i'm Ellis Tolsma (1997), a freelance illustrator and visual artist from the Netherlands. I often work with a lot of color  and a bit of a retro-vibe,  combined with a very playful, graphic and modern take. I love working with a risoprinter (a little bit more old-fashioned print technique) and I also run Studio Misprint in Utrecht. I think it's important to keep reimagining my own creative process and to keep trying out new things, so i'm always creating and learning!  You can email me at info@ellistolsma.nl if  you're interested in working together. 

Check down below for explanation about my workflow and the kind of illustration I do! 




 We will discuss the brief & talk about your wants and needs for the project. This phase can be very quick with one email or we can hop on a call and discuss your project in detail! We will discuss concepts, ideas, the format, licenses, deadlines, budget & in the end I will sent you a contract. For a short deadline, like in editorial, we can do this in one email so I can start sketching.
Phase 2
In this phase I will send you the first sketches. Often these are three colored sketches that you can choose one from, unless discussed differently. In this phase you can provide feedback and pick 1 of the sketches to work out into a final design. In this phase you can provide feedback about color, composition, characters, shapes and everything else needed. 

Phase 3
In the third phase I will have worked out one of the sketches of the final phase into an almost finished sketch. This means i've refined the details, made the changes according to the feedback you provided and colored the whole illustration. At the end of this phase you can provide feedback about small details, like a small positional change, changing one of the colors or about adding more or less details. 
Phase 4
In the last phase I will have refined the whole piece and changed anything that was needed in the last phase. In this phase I will also add textures. I will also provide you with the different formats for instagram, facebook, etc., if needed. If you need more revisions after this phase, the timing and price will be modified.
If you really would love a risoprinted version of your illustration, this will count as an extra phase. I can either add a risoprint effect digitally (which would be added in phase 4) or print it authentically. This is a bit of extra work but creates lovely colorful textures. This can always be discussed after phase 4.