• 2022
  • risograph
  • Commissioned
  • Mural´╗┐


A colorful abstract risoprint mural for Oedipus Brewery. When I risoprint, I often have to make a couple of test prints. I layer these over old artworks and misprints to create a brand new, more abstract & fun print. For this project I illustrated a patterned wallpaper mural for beer brewery Oedipus in Amsterdam. They make really fun & colourful beer packaging, and my colorful illustration work was a great fit for a mural in their bar and restaurant.

A wall covered with vibrant, colorful riso prints in various geometric patterns and shapes. The artwork includes a mix of framed and unframed pieces, creating a visually stimulating mosaic. Some figures and abstract shapes by an illustrator & motion designer blend harmoniously in vivid hues.
Colorful print mural for Oedipus brewery
A colorful and vibrant mural, reminiscent of a riso illustrator's work, composed of multiple rectangular panels fills an entire wall. Each panel features distinct patterns and shapes in bright neon colors. A small shelf with spray paint cans is attached to the wall on the right side. Some hanging plants are visible at the top.
A colorful risoprinted mural wall for Oedipus beer Brewery  made by illustrator & motion designer Ellis Tolsma

Ellis Tolsma

Illustrator & animator


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